Four Seasons Cat Climbing Frame Multi-Level Cat Condo Tall Cat Climbing Stand with Plush Perch Toys for Play Rest


PRECIO: 753,16 €
(Actualizado en Sep 11,2022 11:03:51 UTC – Detalles)

? Versatile Rest & Recreation Center: this all-in-one cat tree tower combines both style and functionality to make your cat full of fun and excitement! and fight with the furry bell ball for extra mental stimulation
?Satisfy natural instincts and enhance health: The multi-layer design allows your cat to show excellent climbing skills while fully exercising. The tall habitat also satisfies the kitten’s natural desire to start high and have confidence in the surrounding environment. When the sleepy moment passes, your lazy child will like to hug in the cozy cat hole, spend a slow afternoon and a sweet dream
?Easy to assemble and beautiful appearance: Its attractive appearance will make any room in your house look like an exquisite pet furniture, not a jungle gym
? Exceptional Quality Materials: Treat your frisky kitten to the soft faux fur cover which delivers paws-approved warmth and ultimate comfort!
?Spacious, multifunctional entertainment center-whether your kitten wants to overlook the world from a height, this multifunctional cat playground can be perfectly used as an entertainment paradise! Your furry friends can play interactive hanging balls and rings, freely roam their castles on the platform, or just be lazy in a warm apartment-the exploration never ends

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