Outdoor Wrought Iron Grid Bird Cage Large Parrot Cage with Hooks 304 Stainless Steel Square Pet Cage (Blackd)


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Safe & Eco-friendly:Bird cage is made of strong One piece stainless steel main frame, which could make this cage more durable; The cage wire has undergone multiple treatment processes to achieve durability and not easy to rust, offer your lovely birds a safe and healthy environment
Safe to prevent escape: large parrot bird cage with 1.3cm bar spacing, Perfectly combined with the barb design of the cage door, it can effectively prevent the birds from escaping and flying away; Button lock on the bird entrance can be locked and unlocked by a simple operation; hook locks on the feeding doors for convenient feed replenishment and for safety purpose as well
Large Space for Fun:3 area designs: play, feed, clean; provides a spacious and safe area for your birds to play and rest; 11*11cm upper sliding cage door is convenient for birds in different sizes like budgerigars, cockatiels, monk parakeets and golden parakeets to entry
Ideal for small birds: There are 4 kinds of suit combinations for you to choose, including: Food cup, claw grinding station pole, chassis,Cage cloth,Bathtub; prepare all at once
Removable Sliding Grate:Slide-out tray panel under the quaker parrot cage can be removed for easy cleaning; mesh panel between birds and the tray can prevent birds from walking directly on their droppings, which ensures your pets’ hygiene and the tidiness of the conure bird cage

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