Pet Stroller Premium Light-Weight Dog/Cat/Pet Stroller Travel Carriage Carrying Shoulder Bag Backpack Stroller Luggage with Universal Wheel


PRECIO: 769,86 €
(Actualizado en May 08,2022 22:27:49 UTC – Detalles)

Multi-Directional Ventilation: Wider panoramic view, more vents, breathing and cooling, windows are breathable and less odorous, so owners can park and interact with their pets at any time
Separable Pet Car: The car bag can be separated and one car and two uses can be turned into a pet bag. Pet cars are suitable for pets up to 20KG
Humanized Design Of Front And Rear Wheels: the front wheels are universal wheels, the rear wheels are safely braked, and the wheels are explosion-proof and shock resistant, which can be applied to various gravel and obstacle terrain
Design: There is no limit to the large space of the cage, the zipper design is convenient for pets to enter and exit, the built-in soft pad + hard board support, the ceiling is more intimate and comfortable
Care Instructions: Hand wash, you can disassemble and wash the whole car, long-term wash like new, refuse to get messy and create a comfortable space for your pet

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