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Pet URN Wooden Urns Urns for Human Ashes Keepsake Urn Tree of Life Adult Wooden Box for Dogs Ashes Keepsake Box Dog Urn Cat Urn


PRECIO: 784,40 €
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MOISTURE-PROOF: This urn is moisture-proof high corrosion resistance, can be buried in the ground for thousands of years without rot, and has a fine texture and is not easy to deform.
HAND CARVED: The ancient woodcarving craftsmanship has the characteristics of condensed modeling, 36 craftsmanships to create high quality, Not only adapt to burial, but also adapt to decorate.
MATERIAL: Handmade from pure natural technology wood, rich in naturalfragrance, this wood is described with darker streaks that give the wood an attractive appearance. The wood is hard with a uniform and medium course texture. It has a good natural resistance to decay
PEACEFUL PLACE:Beautiful and elegant urn makes a perfect final comforting resting place for our beloved and loved ones.
Pet Urn: A way for you to cherish your loved one forever. Remember them at their best and pay tribute to the fond memories you shared with a decorative urn that holds a special place in your heart and home for many years to come. Beautiful on a mantle, shelf or sideboard, the addition of a tea-light makes it an extra special way to celebrate and commemorate those who passed

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