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PRECIO: 801,05 €
(Actualizado en May 03,2022 09:09:37 UTC – Detalles)

? Arenero inteligente para gatos: Fabricado en PP, con sensor, limpieza inteligente, cambio manual con un solo botón (M).
? Specifications: Bearing capacity 25KG, voltage 12V, power: running 6W, standby 1W, accuracy: 0.05kg, backup battery 2000mAh.
? Smart sensing: gravity sensing and out, identification cats safely away, delayed for 3 seconds to clean up, show cat weight, reduce the spread of odors, let the cat safe to use
? Large space: large round space, to meet the needs of large cats, can be poured into 6L cat litter, long-lasting life, short-distance travel and peace of mind.
? Note: This litter box is only suitable for cat litter with small particles, such as bentonite cat litter and tofu crushed sand. Disable regular strips of tofu sand, crystal cat litter and other large particles of cat litter.

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