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SunGrow Semillas De Zacate De Pelo, Decoración De Tanque Medio O Primer Plano, Planta De Acuario


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✔ CREATE A LUSH CARPET IN TANK — A beautiful coating or “carpet” effect to any freshwater tank never fails to impress. Planting YOUR Hair grass Seeds by SunGrow will turn your tank into an adorable vivid lawn.
✔ ACHIEVE A BREATHTAKING AQUASCAPE IN 15 DAYS — You need to sprinkle the seeds on the substrate and it will start germinating after 3-4 days. With appropriate lighting and temperature, experience the breathtaking view of a beautiful carpet in just 10 days. It will be in full bloom within 15 days after planting.
✔ EXPERIENCE THE THERAPEUTIC EFFECT OF THE FOREGROUND DECOR — Having a fish tank with plants help in reducing stress considerably. Watching fish swimming around the carpet lowers the blood pressure and slows the heart rate, keeping them healthy. A carpeted fish tank even has calming and pain-relieving effects on the human body and mind. No wonder, with all the aforementioned benefits, your productivity will improve significantly. Don’t believe us. Try it out yourself today!
✔ EASY MAINTENANCE & CONVENIENT — This pack of 0.35 oz (10 gram) can grow up to 4” (10 cm) in length and can cover a tank area of up to 20” X 20” (50 cm x 50 cm). As a few other plants require additional carbon dioxide, this plant simply thrives in strong light. It is also very convenient to chop and trim with no additional professional aquascaping tools required.
✔ LIVING FILTER AND ADDS OXYGEN — Hair grass needs minimal care and in return helps care for your fish. Not only will your fish enjoy hiding and exploring their aquatic grove, but this grass will filter and oxygenate the water. Just trim occasionally and provide moderate sunlight.

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