Vintage Gold Decorative Bird Cages Elegant Parrot Cage with Standing Bar Food Box Add Food Container Drinker Gold 44cm


PRECIO: 631,98 €
(Actualizado en Nov 07,2022 06:34:34 UTC – Detalles)

High-quality service: We will provide you with high-quality customer service, if you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us, we will give you a perfect answer
Exquisite handicrafts: This parrot cage can provide a perfect comfortable space for your birds and pets. The gourd-shaped hook is easy to carry; the carved design on the top, exquisite workmanship
Suitable for many kinds of birds: This bird cage is suitable for all kinds of birds and small animals, such as pigeons, pearl birds, budgerigars, thrush birds, parakeets, canaries, small parrots, love Bird, green cheek parrot
Elegant bird cage: This retro-style outdoor bird cage is full of artistic sense and has a hook design that allows you to better watch pet birds. It has a complete range of accessories including: standing bar*1, food box*1, add food container*1, drinker*1
Material safety and environmental protection: The bird cage is made of environmentally friendly iron material, strong and durable, full of toughness, easy to clean and take care of; high-quality spray paint, the bird cage surface is smooth, will not hurt the bird, so that your bird can enjoy the safety Comfortable life

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